, a Hong Kong private asset management company based in Shenzhen is looking for an experienced Personal Assistant. Reporting to the Managing Director, the successful candidate will be responsible for the administrative and secretarial support of the company. She will also assist in conducting research in HK and China equities markets. We will offer attractive salary and benefit to the right candidate. 展开 公司地址:广东省深圳市福田区益田路 (邮编:518026) 地图 *发布本招聘广告企业的营业执照名称:富思励服装设计(深圳)有限公司
背景简介: MS Techno是一家西班牙全资的综合技术服务公司,创立于2003年,总部设在西班牙布尔格斯(距马德里两个小时车程)。 2004年MS Techno进入中国,并在相继的3年时间里于深圳设立了代表处,昆明开设了独资工厂,北京设立了技术服务公司(恩迈世科技(北京)有限公司)。 MS Techno 的母公司Montur是西班牙仓储建筑行业的佼佼者,客户包括很多世界知名企业,如西门子,宝马,大众,施奈德,家乐福,宜家家居,GE,可口可乐等。 公司理念: MS Techno 深信,中国大量受过高等教育的高素质人才结合当地市场的成本优势,必将很快推进中国工业超越低成本的中低端产品输出时代,而将以产出具有竞争优势的高品质产品和服务铸就未来中国在全球市场的基石。 MS Techno希望乘此历史良机,将自身先进技术和知识带入中国,同中国的合作伙伴一道开发高端的产品和提供高品质专业化的技术服务。为此,MS Techno诚挚地为那些充满干劲的年轻工程师提供最大的舞台,在国际环境中迅速的学习和成长同时面对具有挑战性的各种工作。 发展状况: 目前,MS Techno 的业务主要集中在所述几个方面: -高端数控加工设备及自动化系统 -在可再生能源(风能)领域,提供专业化的技术服务 -为欧洲客户提供供应链管理服务,涉及领域如:航空部件,电器设备,电信设备,机械零部件和设备等 在中国,面向全球市场,产出真正高品质的产品和服务,就是MS Techno的方向。我们期待志同者的加入,在我们这个充满活力,蒸蒸日上的团队里创造我们共同以及您个人的成功事业。我们一道成长 请访问我们的网站 (MS-Enertech 是在西班牙注册的 MS TECHNO 下属的专门负责其新能源业务的公司) Background: MS Techno, founded in 2003, is a Spanish company with headquarters in the beautiful city of Burgos (2 hours north of Madrid). From 2004, MS Techno is developing its presence in China, having established a Representative Office in Shenzhen, a wholly owned industrial subsidiary in Kunming and a Service Company in Beijing. MS Techno is the spin-off of MONTUR, the leader in construction of warehouses and automated handling systems in Spain, with world renown clients such as Siemens, BMW, Volkswagen, Schneider, Carrefour, IKEA, General Electric, Coca Cola, etc. Belief: MS Techno firmly believes that beyond the production of basic-quality low-cost goods, China's future lies in the development of high-quality superior products and services that can be offered to the world with a competitive advantage, thanks not only to lower costs but to the availability of a great pool of well educated and talented people. MS Techno wants to be part of this great opportunity by bringing its advanced technology and know-how to China in order to cooperate with Chinese partners in a number of projects aimed at developing high-level products and engineering services. To achieve this objective, MS Techno is fully committed to bring on board young and enthusiastic, English speaking engineers, that can learn quickly as well as be ready to face challenges and accept responsibility in an international environment. Development: Now, MS Techno is mainly focused on the areas: -High level machinery and automated systems -Specialized services in the field of Renewable Energy, mainly Wind Power -Sourcing and Supply Chain Management activities for European clients in fields such as: aerospace components, electrical machinery, telecommunication equipment, mechanical components and machinery... Located in China, it is MS Techno's direction that to produce real qualified products and services to the World. We expect your joining in with an agreement to our idea, to actualize our common dream and your individual success. We grow shoulder to shoulder! Please visit our homepage concerning Renewable Energy (MS-Enertech registered in Spain belonging to MS Techno is a company focusing on its Renewable Energy business.) Provide adequate follow-up of the suppliers to insure that the industrialization plans of the selected parts and components meet the targets in all phases: prototype, pre-series validation, full industrial production. 展开 公司地址:东城区新中西里13号巨石大厦404C (邮编:100027) 地图 公司官网:http://www.ms-enertech.com

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